Da-Cushion   Posture Support Cushion

Product Features


Gentle support as if being held with both arms


Prevents hands from falling even when reclining the wheelchair.

In the car

Keeps “comfortable” posture during a long drive.
(Be sure to fasten the seatbelt)

Support (Versatile Use)

Stabilizes the user’s torso by gently supporting from the arms on both sides.

 ※Disclaimer: Product’s fabric, color, specifications, design, price, etc. are subject to change without notice.


You can easily adjust the amount of filling to change its volume.
Length of the belt is also adjustable.


It’s light and easy to carry.


It has a simple structure making it easy to attach.


Available in 5 sizes from SS to LL.

How to Use

How to Use Da-Cushion

Pull upward along both shoulders.

To prevent the torso from falling, pull over in the opposite direction using the filling’s fuller section for support.

If the belts can’t be attached to the top, wrap them on handles.

※Da-Cushion’s size is similar to “Cool Da-Cushion.” However, cushion covers are not interchangeable due to their different structural designs.


When choosing the size, users’ body type, wheelchair type, intended use, and the filling volume should be considered.

Color     Available in 3 designs.

Orange color

Blue color

Black color

Size     Available in 2 size.


※As our products are made to order, they cannot be canceled, returned, or exchanged. Please check your order details carefully before submitting an order.


Maintaining proper posture is difficult when spending long periods of time in a wheelchair. Da-Cushion provides its users gentle postural support and allows them comfortably rest their hands.

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